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We return to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff this year for the first residential Summer School since 2019!

This unique 6-day residential course is for music educators (from Early Years to Conservatory level) as well as for performers, conductors, instrumental teachers, actors, dancers, community musicians and anyone who is curious to know more about the principles and practice of Dalcroze Eurhythmics.

There will be 3 levels: Newcomers to Dalcroze, Intermediate & Advanced

 Newcomers to Dalcroze

Maybe you’ve heard the name Dalcroze and have an idea that it’s about understanding the language of music through movement and the use of the whole body and are curious to experience it for yourself.

Maybe you’re a classroom/instrumental teacher wanting to know how you can deepen your student’s (and your own!) understanding of music and to enrich their performances.

Maybe you are in another field of the arts, an amateur or someone who wants an opportunity simply to play in the realm of movement and sound. Maybe you’ve been on a Taster Day or attended a Zoom Café and really want to know more. This is the next step.

Every day you will have a class in the three main branches of Dalcroze (Rhythmics, Aural Training & Improvisation) and movement. There will be additional classes that you can choose to attend to broaden your understanding and develop your skills.

All in a safe and joyful environment.

Intermediate & Advanced

This year we’re taking a deep dive and focusing on IMPROVISATION – from many different perspectives – in movement, rhythmics, aural training, improvisation and drama.

As usual, there will be daily classes in the three main branches to refresh and re-energise you and your work.


While teaching all three branches through the week, here is a taste of what each tutor on the course will be doing particularly in the field of IMPROVISATION.

Françoise Lombard (International guest tutor from Canada): musical strategies for improvisation for rhythmics exercises – how to analyse pieces through movement to build and create improvisation.

Andrew Davidson (UK): a playful, game-like approach that applies drama exercises to musical improvisation for the body, voice and instruments.

Alison Wise (UK): stimulating improvisation from existing compositions – short pieces by Bernard Reichel.

Ruth Jones (movement, UK): ‘relishing the moment of potential creativity in movement’ – exercises to gain improvisation skills leading to solo, duet and group movement improvisation.

Jacqueline Vann & Kaye Barker (UK): developing new vocal sounds for improvisation.

Kaye Barker (UK): playing for movement using simple improvisation techniques

Karin Greenhead: using materials to inspire different kinds and qualities of sound in musical improvisation.

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