Spring Into Dalcroze UK Course 2022

Ruth is currently working on two major national pieces of work . She is Creative Advisor ( choreography ) on Green Space Dark Skies, an UNBOXED festival commission, with choreographed events, involving thousands, in 20 National Parks of the UK in 2022. Plus she is Creative Eye on a Platinum Jubilee Parade, in front of the Queen, in London on June 5, 2022. Working for Wayne Hemingway/ Hemingway Design, this parade is all about music and dance through the decades. Ruth, in her role, is additionally curator/ choreographer of the Sixties and Eighties sections. The parade is to be televised live across the world.

Ruth Jones is first and foremost a contemporary dance artist. She specialises in Outdoor work, Mass choreography, Parades and community dance. Ruth’s outdoor dance shows have been performed at many of the major festivals, including Greenwich and Docklands, Mintfest, Isle Of Wight Festival and Festival No 6 (under the umbrella name, Axial Dance). She has received commissions from Lakes Alive, Waiblingen Festival of Light, Germany, Urban Moves International Festival and the National Festival of Making.

Ruth has created a wealth of Mass Movement and Parade choreographic work (often including delivery of Master classes) e.g. working on Manchester Day Parade with 2000 performers, since inception (produced by Walk The Plank), Pride Manchester lead parade section since 2016, Sma Shot Parade (2015-17), Paisley (produced by Walk The Plank) and many more. Indeed, Ruth works for a number of diverse clients, creating outdoor work i.e. choreographer for Avanti Display on their Hydromania show and choreographer for Invisible Dust, on Kasia Molga’s Human Sensor and Coral Love Story projects and Ling Tan on her Supergestures and Supermoments events.

Ruth also choreographs for theatre and has choreographed over 50 professional theatre productions in the UK, at venues such as York Theatre Royal and Sheffield Crucible.

Ruth additionally teaches and facilitates dance and movement in educational settings eg University of Manchester theatre dept, and in community settings – e.g. running Ad Hoc Dance (an adult community dance company she set up 28 years ago)

Ruth continues to teach private dance/movement/Laban lessons in her home dance studio: The Loft Dance Studio.

She has taught on several Easter Schools for Dalcroze UK and the Summer School in Cardiff.