A year ago, I saw the 2023 Dalcroze Eurhythmics Spring Course advertised and as part of my performance management targets with my place of work decided to take the plunge and attend. I had done a taster hour on another course, and it really seemed to ‘SING’ to me, and the approach made a great deal of sense personally. So, off I went to Manchester with a great deal of excitement and a little trepidation.

To say it has changed my life is not an exaggeration. I have gone on to take the first year of training with Dalcroze UK on their Foundation course, and am frequently using many of the teaching techniques and philosophies learnt in my Flute teaching.

Having just returned from the 2024 Spring course I am feeling equally inspired and have returned with even more fantastic material to try out on my pupils!

Doing 3 days of training was intense for all involved. Rhythmics, Aural, Improvisation sessions most days and some brilliant movement and Plastique sessions to really get you thinking about your body, how you use it, and how to look at music in a more holistic and insightful way.

All of the tutors were so enthusiastic about the subject and above all so inclusive in their approach. Not once, did I feel that I was being judged or that I was in danger of “doing it wrong!’ We were all in it together and there was joy and laughter in all sessions that I attended. I have always been quite a timid person and have been scared to talk in meetings and share my thoughts, but in this caring environment I found myself opening up and becoming more confident. I think that this has probably had a knock-on effect in other parts of my life too. To be listened to and accepted for who you are is such a powerful thing and can only lead to success.

Spending time with new and old friends made the course not only a great educational experience, but also a lovely retreat from normal life. It gave me time to reset important values, take time for myself and re-evaluate my relationship with music.