In February 2024 I led a Discover Dalcroze Day with Monica Wilkinson, at the Royal Russell School, East Croydon, the site of the Dalcroze UK weekend Training Course.  Each year Dalcroze UK invites anyone to experience the method, either for its own sake or with the prospect of training. This year the participants who arrived early on a Sunday morning in February, made an international group! There were ladies from Singapore, Japan, Ukraine and the UK.

The day included ‘taster’ sessions in Rhythmics, Aural Training, Improvisation and a session which introduced participants to the man who invented Dalcroze Eurhythmics, explained its philosophy and gave it historic context.

The students were responsive, enthusiastic and had a wonderful and joyful day of activities! We hope to see one or two on one of our training courses at some point in the future!