Françoise Lombard (Québec, Canada) Diplôme Supérieur   

Françoise is a musician and a teacher of both Eurhythmics and the ‘Art of Listening’.

Having gained the Diplôme of the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze and graduated from the Geneva Conservatoire (piano, harmony), she began to train teachers of Eurhythmics in Bienne (Switzerland).

She then undertook training in the ‘Art of Listening’ (the method of François Louche), which she now teaches to artists, teachers and therapists in Europe and Quebec.

She lives in Montreal and divides her professional life between Eurhythmics, ‘Art of Listening’ and composition.

Françoise has created the Audio Library “music and movement” made up of musical improvisations focused on various elements that make up the language of music. This educational material is aimed at anyone who teaches music, regardless of his/her training. It was designed with the aim of promoting the learning of music and the overall development of children and adults by associating body movement with music.

The Audio Library is also aimed at professional students in Dalcroze Eurhythmics and anyone interested in the development of spontaneous musical creation. All the pieces can stimulate their imagination and accompany them on the path of improvisation. Being able to serve as examples to be explored in their own approach, these improvisations constitute a didactic resource for future rhythmics teachers.

Together with the singer, composer and video director Michel Comeau, Françoise was involved in the creation of 3 CDs:

«resonance»(osteophonic voices a cappella),
«mon livre à moi»(book-cd for children)
«lullabies» (piano/voices without words)

Read more – in English – and watch the videos: