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Teacher Training


Dalcroze UK currently offers an intensive Dalcroze teacher training programme in south London. Taught in modules, eight weekends in a year, it attracts talented artists and educators from across the UK, as well as Europe and North America.

Year One, the Foundation Year, consists of 8 training weekends and an exam weekend. On the exam weekend everyone takes practical exams in rhythmics, Aural training and Improvisation and hands in their written work. They receive a Foundation Award in Dalcroze Eurhythmics on successful completion of the exams, and can then progress to Year Two, the Intermediate Year.

Students usually do start applying what they are learning to their own work. At the end of Year Two candidates take the exams of the Intermediate Award on receipt of which they can advertise that they apply Dalcroze principles and practices in the context of their own profession (as a piano teacher, class teacher, therapist etc).

Occasionally candidates who already have a lot of Dalcroze experience before training in Croydon may be able to accelerate towards the Certificate and take some Certificate exams at the end of Year Two. Completion of the Certificate requires a third year of training and the final exams include teaching exams in addition to personal practical exams and a substantial written submission.

Holders of the Certificate are entitled to advertise that they hold a professional qualification in teaching Dalcroze Eurhythmics.


Term Commences: 29 September 2018

Course Information:


Term 1

29/30 September 2018

13/14 October  2018

17/18 November  2018

1/2 December 2018

Term 2

12/13 January 2019

16/17 February 2019

23/24 March  2019

Term 3

13/14 April  2019


Foundation 18/19  May 2019

Intermediate and Certificate 1/2  June 2019


Saturday   0900 – 1830                                   Sunday   0900 – 1630


Royal Russell Preparatory School, Coombe Lane, Croydon, CR9 5BX



£1,870 per annum

This can be paid in instalments (contact the Administrator for payment options).

The course fee includes one year’s membership of Dalcroze UK.

An additional fee is payable for examinations.

 For application form, please contact admin@dalcroze.org.uk

Grants may be available towards fees. Contact admin@dalcroze.org.uk

Grant applications should be submitted by 20 July 2018.  Late applications are not normally considered.


Accommodation & food

The course is non-residential and participants will need to make their own arrangements for accommodation and evening meals. Coffee, tea, cold drinks, fresh fruit and biscuits are supplied free of charge but participants will need to bring a packed lunch on each day.




Dalcroze UK Awards are accredited by the Dalcroze Eurhythmics International Examinations Board (DEIEB).

After lunch we did a great improvisation session which started with movements, which were then vocalised. The session could have gone in any number of directions but we decided to turn our vocalisations into musical sound on the assortment of musical instruments that participants had brought along. What I especially liked about the improv session was how tightly constrained we were. By locking down several elements it meant we could really push the boundaries & be creative.
Jackie Schneider, Taster Day Participant