I love ‘grommiting’ around a bookshop. My house is full of books that have either been read or are in the long line (ever increasing) of things I really will read. There is a bookcase full of books from my past that included stories read to me in my childhood and a bookcase full of books that may one day make me a good cook, gardener, craftsperson, and DIY goddess. There are shelves of Art books and history books and then my bookcase of music related books. I thought this was full until I took over DUK books.

I had a short run of Dalcroze related books, neatly lined up in the music education section. I would spend half an hour at the bookshop on each Dalcroze course I attended and would purchase one book. I would read it avidly on the train home and then place it on the shelf.

I thought I knew what would be arriving at my house when I took on the bookshop from the wonderfully organised Ghislaine. Then one day in the summer last year, the van arrived and three of us unloaded the many boxes (all neatly labelled) into my front room. Ghislaine left and I looked at the impressive wall of boxes. ‘Oooooooo, that is a lot of boxes’ said my son!

Over the next few days, the annual stock take was undertaken, and I understood the treasure trove that is DUK books. The cupboard of hideousness that most of us have, stuffed with things that have no other place in your home, was properly cleared and a safe space for the books was found. I began to understand the ordering systems and then the first emails arrived. Books left their cozy boxes and travelled across the world to far-flung addresses. I got to know the local post office well and had some great chats in the queues with other folks with extraordinarily shaped parcels.

There are classic texts written by E.J. Dalcroze and practical books written by the great Dalcroze teachers from the past and present. There are historical information books on the beginnings of the Dalcroze system and demonstration DVD’s that offer a brilliant window into the way Dalcroze teaching works in different situations. There are pamphlets and t-shirts and…

I am reading my way through all there is, so that I can deepen my knowledge on all things Dalcroze, to benefit my own studies and teaching, but also so I can help anyone who has an enquiry about useful material for their particular interest. In this digital age, there is much to read on the internet, but having a book to dip in and out of is still a brilliant thing. Do have a look on the DUK website at what is on offer and if you need any information get in touch with me via dsbooksuk@hotmail.co.uk. I am present at all the big DUK courses in the UK so come and meet me at the bookshop.

Happy reading!