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Writing Canons for Rhythmics


Presenter: Monica Wilkinson Rhythmic canons are a central ingredient in rhythmics lessons at all levels. This workshop will look at the composition/improvisation of the rhythmic canon, looking first at the rhythmic structure and then at the melodic and harmonic structure. You will be required to send a pdf score of your rhythmic canon(s) as a) [...]

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Capturing young imaginations through Bizet’s Children’s Games


Presenter: Monica Wilkinson One of the joys of working with young children is feeding them beautiful music which will nourish their development and lay the foundations of musical listening.   The five short pieces which make up Bizet’s Orchestral Suite Children’s Games offer marvellous opportunities for discovering musical concepts.  In this workshop, ways into literacy will [...]

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Taking a Dalcrozian approach to Aural Training


Presenter: Jacqueline Vann Aural Training is one of the three main branches of the Dalcroze method and is intrinsically linked to the other two – rhythmics and improvisation. The uniqueness of the training lies in Jaques-Dalcroze’s understanding that “To be a sensitive musician, it is necessary to appreciate the nuance not only of pitch but [...]

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Plastique Animée Trios over Zoom


Presenters: Dr Selma Odom & Mary Price-O'Connor Selma and Mary are intrigued about what is possible over zoom and would like to explore Plastique Animeé in trios. The session will start off with a warm up, asking the question what is a trio? Inviting participants to explore fully the possibilities of movement over zoom, whilst [...]

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