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Presenter: Jacqueline Vann

Aural Training is one of the three main branches of the Dalcroze method and is intrinsically linked to the other two – rhythmics and improvisation. The uniqueness of the training lies in Jaques-Dalcroze’s understanding that “To be a sensitive musician, it is necessary to appreciate the nuance not only of pitch but of the dynamic energy and the varying rapidity of the movements. These nuances must be appreciated not only by the ear but also by the muscular sense” (1921/1980, p.51).

The session will look at a Dalcrozian approach to ear-training, showing how gesture, the use of space and group work enable students to explore pitch, intervals, texture, the journey of the music and so on. It will show the aural training in action.

(note that individuals on the Group 4 training course receive this as part of their package so don’t need to register).

Registration closes on 21st August at 9am UK time!

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