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Professional Certificate

The Dalcroze Professional Certificate is a three-year teaching qualification for adult learners. It is articulated as Foundation (first year), Intermediate (second year), and Professional Certificate (third year).

For those who wish to develop personal skills without a focus on teaching, the Foundation and Intermediate Awards are also exit points. Those who successfully complete the Professional Certificate (third year) are entitled to teach classes in Dalcroze Eurhythmics for beginners – children or adults – and to assist in the training of Foundation level students.

The core subjects are rhythmic movement, aural training, and piano improvisation. The Foundation year focuses on personal skills in all areas as well as creative and interpretive skills. The Intermediate year develops an emphasis on pedagogy and written work. The Professional Certificate year includes the study of plastique animee, physical realisation of music in movement.

Students are assessed on teaching practice and a portfolio of teaching materials, essays, and compositions.