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Presenter – Dr Karin Greenhead

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In this seminar Karin will discuss the issues involved in researching her own practice of DR and DE. The session will cover her aims and questions, methodology and methods and the issues that arise when the researcher is also a source of data and the teacher of the students interviewed in the case studies. This entails closely minding the gaps between experiential knowing, telling, understanding and meaning. She will touch on significant discoveries and their implications for music-movement research and the teaching, learning and practice of music generally, and address how the findings supported her conclusions. Along the way she will consider the role of serendipity, the surprising benefits that can arise when research does not go according to plan and the management of a large and complex qualitative study that both complements and challenges much current thinking in music-related research fields. Finally, time permitting, she would like to try an exercise in phenomenological evocative description as a first step to the kind of evocative writing essential to the realisation of a research project of this kind.

We will send out some documents for the participants to read before the seminar.


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