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Introducing Christine Wardle, Development Manager

Dalcroze UK welcomes Christine Wardle as its first Development Manager. Christine, tell us a little about yourself My name is Christine Wardle and I live in North Yorkshire with my husband Ian and springer spaniel Rocky. I manage a chamber music series called Concert&Cakes showcasing emerging artists studying at the Royal Northern College [...]

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Legacy Gifts Come From Real People

Behind every bequest to a charity is a real person and often a very personal and emotional contact with the charity which benefits. You may recognise the picture of Ann Driver (left).  The Trust created in her name and from her legacy bequest has been a financial supporter of Dalcroze UK for many years. [...]

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ICDS5 Keynote Speaker, Kathryn Kay

“Engaging, creative, authentic…..and a few flamingos!”  I asked DUK colleagues to sum up my Keynote at the ICDS5 presentation, and this is what  they said!  The 5th International Conference of Dalcroze Studies (ICDS5) was held online in October  2021. At that time, I had only just returned to teaching whole classes live in my [...]

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Profile Karin Greenhead (Director of Studies, Dalcroze UK) Diplôme Supérieur, Institut Jaques-Dalcroze, Geneva

How did you originally hear about Dalcroze Eurhythmics?  It was a course or class offered by Elizabeth Vanderspar at the Royal College of Music  (RCM), London so when I went there as a student I signed up. The course was an option  open to anyone. At that time there was no credit [...]

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Diplôme Supérieur – what a journey! Kaye Barker

Photo—Peter Knowles In December 2021 I passed the last of the exams to achieve the highest qualification in Dalcroze Eurhythmics, the Diplôme Supérieur. What a journey! It was a journey that started in April 2019 when I completed and passed the entrance exams for the Diplôme. These are tough exams in themselves [...]

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Professional Teacher Training programme, Karin Greenhead (Director of Studies)

During 2021 we were able to move from entirely online to blended training – a mixture of  online lessons and classes in person.  Our Summer Course took place online and was a smaller event than anticipated. As  lockdowns eased, people began to go out and travel and there was a feeling among many  that [...]

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My Taster Day & the joy of Dalcroze! Kaye Barker

My Dalcroze Taster Day took place on a grey February day in Ealing, West London. It was  the first of several due to be held in 2022 by qualified teachers and these days have been  coordinated by Jacqueline Vann.  I had decided on the date for my Taster Day before Christmas, when the [...]

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Dalcroze Taster Days, Jacqueline Vann

Dalcroze UK first began running open days or Taster Days at our annual Spring Course and  Summer School many years ago. People could (and still can) sign up for one day only and join  a rhythmics, improvisation and aural training class with the beginner group. Over 10 years  ago, as Dalcroze UK looked for [...]

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Report from the Board, Kathryn Templeman (Chair)

Trustee News Rebecca Spencer resigned as a Trustee in January 2022, as her family is growing, and she is expecting a baby in May. She served her planned 3 years on the Board and we thank her for her tireless energy and commitment to Dalcroze Eurythmics in the UK. Mary O’Connor joined the [...]

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