Interested in music, movement and improvisation? Keen to develop a practical ‘tool-box’ of ideas and techniques? Keep yourself warm this winter and enliven your performance and teaching with Dalcroze UK’s online Introduction to Dalcroze Eurhythmics.

The course runs over 3 Sundays in January (10th, 17th & 24th) from 9am to 5.30pm UK time, and consists of classes in rhythmics, a Dalcroze approach to aural training and improvisation with sessions on its applications, theory and practice. It is aimed at anyone interested in discovering what Dalcroze has to offer, in particular musicians, instrumental and class teachers.

(please read the requirements below).

Fee: £250

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You will need:

  1. a good internet connection
  2. to access the course through a computer, not a phone or tablet, and it is recommended to maximise the sound and visual quality by using a microphone and camera if available.
  3. to ensure your space is well lit and not backlit
  4. for rhythmics, ensure you have a good and safe space that you can move around in, travel and change direction easily. This could be outside if weather permits. Ensure that the teachers can see your whole body on screen.
  5. to wear clothing suitable for movement for the rhythmics class including bare feet, socks with a rubber printed sole or thin-soled jazz shoes (not trainers). For ease of visibility, and especially if the background is dark, it would help the teacher if you wear light coloured clothing, especially socks.
  6. for improvisation the piano keyboard/instrument used must be visible. For this reason, you may prefer to take the rhythmics class in one room and improv in another
  7. to provide yourself with a ball (Rhythmics Gymnastics ball/football or similar – bouncy and not too lightweight), a tennis ball, a pair of claves (or chopsticks, tapping sticks), a tambour (8” diameter – not too small or large, no jingles), a scarf (preferably square, lightweight such as silk, preferably not very light chiffon).