Following the success of last year’s online Summer Course and the recent online Easter Course, we are online again for ‘Swing Into Summer’.

We are particularly delighted to welcome 3 friends and colleagues who will be familiar to some members and who join us for the first time online.

Cheng-Feng Lin (Canada) received his Diplôme Supérieur in 2019. We are particularly happy to welcome Cheng-Feng back to the UK (even if virtually), this time as a teacher. Older members may remember him as a student participant many years ago when our Summer Schools were held in Canterbury.

Students on the training course held in Croydon, 2019 will remember some wonderful lessons given by Hélène Nicolet who came all the way from Geneva to work with us. The Summer Course offers more Dalcrozians an opportunity to get to know Hélène and to work with her. Hélène has a unique knowledge of the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze and works closely with Silvia del Bianco and with both university and Diploma students.

Silvia del Bianco, Director of the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze (IJD), has maintained a friendship with Dalcroze UK for many years as she also taught on a Summer Course here long before she became the Director of the Institute. Silvia speaks several languages and has always been interested in the international dimension of Dalcroze training. In recent years she generously supported, advised and helped many professional Dalcroze training centres and their Directors of Studies including Dalcroze UK. She has also been closely involved in important projects affecting the future of Dalcroze Eurhythmics worldwide such the development of the Dalcroze identity document (with the Collège of the IJD) and documents relating to the use of the name Dalcroze (with the Conseil de Fondation of the IJD). Despite the heavy administrative and managerial calls on her time (national and international) she has never stopped teaching. We are delighted that more Dalcrozians will have the chance to meet Silvia and very grateful to her for accepting our invitation to teach.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to meet and talk with Silvia, Hélène and Cheng Feng who join a team of established Dalcroze UK online teachers and presenters:  Eugénia Arús (Spain); Kaye Barker (UK); Françoise Lombard (Canada); Sandra Nash (Australia); Mary Price-O’Connor (UK); Selma Odom (Canada); Jacqueline Vann (UK) and Monica Wilkinson (UK).

This year our Director of Studies, Karin Greenhead, will be very unlikely to teach at the Summer Course for unavoidable reasons, so her planned seminar on writing about Dalcroze Eurhythmics will be rescheduled as a one-off event later this year.

You can choose to take part in a Training Course with these leading Dalcroze teachers from around the globe, or register for a variety of workshops, seminars and presentations, or both!

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Training Courses

In addition to providing an introductory course, the Training Courses offer experienced students the chance to deepen their knowledge and experience of Dalcroze Eurhythmics by studying with different teachers at the same time as building on their expertise

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Summer Training Courses

Seminars, Presentations and Workshops

In addition to the Summer Training Classes, we also have the following seminars and workshops!

16th August – Workshop: Jacqueline Vann – What is Dalcroze Eurhythmics?
17th August – Workshop: Hélène Nicolet – Cours Global For All
18th August – Presentation: Silvia Del Bianco – Rhythmics and the Exploration of the Piano
18th August – Workshop: Mary Price-O’Connor – Creative Movement For All
19th August Presentation: Hélène Nicolet – The Institut Jaques-Dalcroze and its Activities
20th August – Presentation: Silvia Del Bianco – Rhythmics and Parkinsons
21st August – Workshop: Monica Wilkinson – Writing Canons for Rhythmics
22nd August – Workshop: Jacqueline Vann – Taking a Dalcrozian approach to Aural Training
22nd August – Workshop: Monica Wilkinson – Capturing young imaginations through Bizet’s Children’s Games
23rd August – Workshop: Dr Selma Odom & Mary Price-O’Connor – Plastique Animée Trios over Zoom