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Musical Leadership through Dalcroze

Lead your class of conservatoire students on a musical journey with the Dalcroze Licence. Collaborate with senior colleagues to train a new generation of Dalcroze practitioners.


The Licence course is a post-Certificate training. In this course, students cover rhythmics, aural training, improvisation, Plastique Animee, teaching skills, performance and principles of the method. The Licence training includes a substantial written element. Students are expected to take ownership of their learning and commit to regular home study in order to develop the core skills sufficiently. Licence holders are entitled to teach and examine students up to Certificate level.

Applicants for the Licence training are auditioned in rhythmics, improvisation, aural training, piano and vocal skills.

Studying for the Licence enabled me to deepen my understanding of both Dalcroze and music, extend my skills, and build a bank of invaluable experience. There’s no denying that it was hard work! But I found it enormously enriching and now run my own Certificate course.
Monica, Licence, 2013