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Presented by Mary Price O’Connor

An exploration of improvising  a silent film score to enhance playing for Dalcroze Eurhythmics classes.

Mary came to Dalcroze Eurhythmics in 2008 with 5 years of experience of improvising piano accompaniments to about 40 silent films.

This workshop explores how accompanying for silent film could help prepare teachers improvise for Dalcroze classes. Mary will run sections (in sequence) of the silent film  which all participants will be able to see on their devices. She will talk about playing for silent film and invite participants to accompany the film ‘Sunrise’ by Murnau. She chose ‘Sunrise’ because it has enormous emotional depth; it features journeys, contrasts, three very different main characters with very different ways of moving and several events of varying intensity. The aim is for participants to have the experience of letting the film lead them through to improvisation without inhibition.

Mary will lead the participants through the film selecting scenes which they will accompany, they will have a chance to play the scenes themselves with feedback given at the end of each section. (the mute option gives a chance for everyone to try on their own at their own time and share and reflect what they have learned from that experience)

There will be a reflection of what works and why and how playing for silent film would be a device to improve playing for class.

A laptop or ipad will be the best way to experience the workshop. Participants will need to have an instrument there, preferably a piano, but whichever instrument they might use for playing for class.

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