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Presented by Kaye Barker

This presentation will put the case for the need for rhythmics in the older population and will highlight some of the studies that have demonstrated the beneficial effects of rhythmics for seniors.

The session will consider the possible benefits of rhythmics sessions for those living with dementia and will explain Kaye’s interest in the subject following her observations of her father, who exhibited the early typical symptoms of dementia before his death. She will also share some of her observations of seniors living with dementia who received rhythmics sessions with Ruth Gianadda earlier this year.

There will be an exploration of Kaye’s Plastique Animée, which is a movement study of dementia and was presented for her Choreography exam for the Diplôme Supérieur. Kaye will explain the processes involved in its creation ending with a showing of the piece.

There will be time at the end of the presentation for questions and comments.


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