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Presented by Dr Karin Greenhead

This seminar is split into two 90 minute sessions over the day.

The first session runs from 11.30 to 13:00 UK time then there will be a break from 13:00 to 16:00 during which you will be given some work to do in readiness for the second session which runs from 16:00 to 17:30

This one-day seminar is designed for those who reflect on their experiences in Dalcroze lessons. Reflective writing is required for the written submissions in the D-UK/DEIEB professional training programme, the Post-Graduate Dalcroze option at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester and is increasingly used in research articles and theses relating to Dalcroze Eurhythmics as well as other arts, educational and health related practices.

Part 1 looks at the differences between description and reflection and at what reflective writing is and is not. A task will be set for participants to do on their own (homework) and sent to the presenter in advance of the second session. Participants should be willing to share their work with one another, be prepared to move and bring with them a simple object such as a stone, a piece of wood or fabric.

Part 2 will look at a range of the writing submitted with a view to developing a greater understanding of and skill in effective, reflective writing.

The presenter has published a number of articles using reflection and rich description to gain both understanding of participants’ experiences and insight into what these reveal about the nature of teaching, learning and Dalcroze Eurhythmics itself – as does her doctoral thesis: Dynamic Rehearsal and Dalcroze Eurhythmics: a phenomenological investigation into participants’ experiences and their implications for the  practice, teaching and learning of music and musical performance.

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