Dalcroze UK will be taking the 2020 Summer School online via Zoom from 2 – 10 August!

The virtual school will offer training at Foundation, Intermediate, Professional Certificate and Post-Certificate/Licence levels in the core subjects of Dalcroze Eurhythmics: rhythmics, aural training (solfège/solfa) improvisation and pedagogy. These classes will be restricted to a maximum of 8 participants per class.

In addition there will be a presentation series: a spectacular range of presentations, workshops and seminars led by experienced Dalcroze teachers and researchers. These will be open to a larger number of participants.

Confirmed teachers for the training course are: Karin Greenhead (Dip. Sup. PhD); Jacqueline Vann (Dip. Sup.); Ava Loiacono (Dip. Sup.); Eugénia Arús (Dip Sup.); Kaye Barker (Dip. Candidate)

Presenters and teachers for the Presentation and workshops series include:

Kaye Barker: Presentation –  Dalcroze, seniors and dementia – its benefits and an exploration through Plastique Animée

Karin Greenhead: Seminar – Reflective writing for Dalcroze practitioners and teachers

Drusilla Harris: Presentation – Using Dalcroze Eurhythmics to create and deliver a prep school music curriculum in changing times

Kathryn Kay: Workshop – Dalcroze principles and pedagogy in early years (3 – 5)

Ava Loiacono: Workshop – Short movement studies for theatre

Anita Memmott: Workshop – Rhythmics – any time, any place, anywhere (a week in the life of a music teacher)

Mary Price O’Connor: Workshop –  An exploration of improvising  a silent film score to enhance playing for Dalcroze Eurhythmics classes.

Prof. Selma Odom & Mary Price O’Connor Workshop – Plastique Animée over Zoom solo and ensemble

Monica Wilkinson: Workshop: Targeting improvisation with instrumental pupils – a lockdown experiment

Further details on the sessions and pricing will be available shortly on the website.

Registration will open very soon so keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media feeds!