Tickets are on sale now for a string quartet and choreographed movement performance at Manchester Grammar School on Saturday 23 May, forming part of the Dalcroze centenary celebrations.

Pupils from the Royal Northern College of Music’s Young Strings programme will come together to perform choreographed movement in response to music composed by Jaques-Dalcroze (1865-1950) and performed live by a string quartet from the RNCM.

There will also be an opportunity for concert-goers to visit an exhibition ‘Music in Movement’, which tells the story of the Dalcroze method and its impact on music, dance, theatre and therapy throughout the twentieth century.

John Habron, a trustee of Dalcroze UK, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity to see children on the Young Strings programme working alongside RNCM students. They are putting on a fantastic concert, which is unique. Some of the music has been especially arranged for the day and these choreographies have not been seen for decades. The success of the Dalcroze method is part of Manchester’s story and it’s great to have this centenary event here.”

Sarah Crooks, Director of Young Strings, said: “As well as having instrumental lessons our pupils experience music in this way every week. Using the Dalcroze method our pupils are taught musical concepts through whole-body movement. They feel the music before playing it. This develops rhythm and listening skills as well as co-ordination, expression and communication. We are excited and proud to be celebrating our involvement with Dalcroze through our performance on 23rd May and would like to thank Dalcroze UK for their support and Manchester Grammar School for hosting us.”

Manchester has been an important hub of Dalcroze training for many years. Dalcroze UK’s centenary programme continues its association with the city in August with a children’s event at Manchester Jazz Festival.

Originally called the Dalcroze Society, the organisation was started in 1915 by Marie Eckhard who lived in Didsbury, Manchester, and her husband was a Manchester City Councillor.

Tickets cost £3.50 and are available from, The performance will start at 16:00.



Sarah Crooks 07947 370101 John Habron 07762 884621